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The truth: One sentence really can make the difference. It can motivate the author who 90% gets silent from their audience. One single sentence can fill the jar with a panoply of positive emotions. All it takes is a few words & stars on Amazon.

What can a reader do for a self-publish author?

1- Read the book (buy, borrow, get it on kindle unlimited, offer a copy to a friend)

Digital content: did you know the author only gets paid by the number of pages read?

2- Buy the book - amazon pays attention to how many got sold and how many are read. If you can afford it, support the author even if you got a free copy.

3- Review the book - If you really dislike Amazon, review on your favorite platform 9helps with word of mouth). But Amazon USA is my "publisher platform". It's where I "work". I only sell there and it makes it easier for those who use it to take a chance on me. I

(other platforms you can speak of the books - Twitter, GoodReads, Pinterest, Literal, Bookbub, TheLibraryThing... )

No report is needed. One sentence makes the difference.

Example: "I like how Polly visits our worlds, and it made me think what my world would look like."

If you want to be more detailed, avoid spoilers and tell why you recommend and to whom.

Example: Polly and the Black Ink is a mystery middle-grade graphic novel (completed in 5 volumes) with vibrant colors and fun characters. I recommend it to those who love to read about adventurous superheroes.

What is + is it standalone/or series + the genre + for whom + why do you like it? No spoilers.

4 - Word of mouth (online and offline) share it with someone you think will love to read my books or find them useful.

5- Subscribe to the author's newsletter for direct news from the authors.

ATTENTION: Want to help me with Polly?

Get the PDF of book 1 for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.

The file is available when you subscribe, to those who already are subscribers, use the contact form to request me the pdf. I have samples of Never Give Up and Beyond the Cliff and Courage as well.

- check the spam folder for the email with the link

Authors love to answer questions, feel free to reach out.

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