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My review: 5 plus plus

Made in Asian is a rich educational and indispensable American History book that should belong to every house, School, library, and anywhere people still don't understand that knowledge is an empowering weapon.

Each chapter is the perfect length and with the right focus, starting with notions of Columbus and explaining how racist ideologies were enough to justify so many wrong acts.

The book is not just about one country or one region of a country, but Asians as a People who contributed to building America along with others... because before Columbus, about 90 million natives were living in peace with their culture, technology, and traditions...

America became a promise of Freedom, Equality, and Justice. So reading the chapter about American concentration camps... seems almost an unbelievable oxymoron. Right? You need to read this one.

This book is so rich and emotional.

Behind one great and famous "thing" that we know, there are many greater untold and unsung stories. (Even more of the women who had to face not only the racism but the traditional expectations for them).

I've learned so much from this book.

Did you know Gaing Yoo arrived in America with his father and was taken away from him for an entire month... But what he suffered didn't break him, and he pursued his dream and became Tyrus Wong, the Disney artist who painted the amazing backgrounds of Bambi influenced by Chinese watercolor techniques.

And in 1868, a young 11-year-old arrives at the port of San Francisco alone (takes later the name Mary) and in January of 1885 Mary wins her case, for her daughter who was born in America. The court rules: that no child can be denied an education. Although the Board created segregated schools, it's still a victory worth remembering.

There are more and more stories and facts from Columbus' time up to the pandemic of 2021.

Includes extensive bibliography and source notes.

What a fantastic book. Don't miss it.

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