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Graphic Novels

Polly and the Black Ink

Polly Mason has a secret...

She has a superpower that allows her to open the doors into parallel worlds, created by people's personality and imagination and save them from the Black Ink. 


She must find the core of these worlds with the help of her loyal sidekick Paws and prevent people from turning grey and losing their memories and joy. 

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Volume 1 to 5 ( complete series)

Age Range: 7 +

Grade Level: 3 +

polly 1.jpg
polly 5.jpg

Sample pages from book 1 and 5

Notfrombrazil Companion
- Last Summer Vacation Before Quarantine

...celebrates traveling before Covid changed the world. A trip to New York that focuses on locations and events. The perfect book for those who want to see NY for the first time or remember their visit.

Age Range: 10 +

Grade Level: 4 +

mock up  nfb3.jpg

Never Give Up! A Guide to Have Ideas  & Finish Tasks

Never Give Up! A Guide to Have Ideas and Finish Tasks is a whimsical workbook, fully illustrated and interactive, with tips for both young artists and adults who want to find their path back to art. 


Every page contains tips and suggestions to help you find your methods and motivation to finish your projects. 

Age Range: 10 +

nevergiveup motivational workbook graphic novel comics.jpg

Titans Island : Sally's Quest

It's not easy being a teenage zombie girl when you keep losing parts.


No more spells, glue or staples...


Sally's dream is to become a real doctor to help her family in keeping it all together.


The opportunity comes ashore when humans find their way to Titans Island.


She's top of her class, but Sally understands when it's time to break the rules for a greater cause.

books the violet west books 1 titans island halloween.jpg

Age Range: 5+

Grade Level: 2 +

Notfrombrazil Series

The Transatlantic long distance relationship embarks on a K-1 visa voyage through the perilous seas of forms, trials and interviews. This brave Portuguese pirate must face her darkest fears and fight true monsters to conquer more than her beloved's heart.

Volume I (long-distance relationship) and Volume II (visa process)

mock up book notfrombrazil 2.jpg

Age Range: 10 +

Grade Level: 4 +

mock up  nfb1.jpg
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