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Ocean creatures...

🌊Where do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night?

Maybe in the open... maybe near a reef?

Under rocks, or burrowed in the sand...

One of my favorites is the sea horse, and I've learned something today. They hold on to a plant or a coral with their tails so they don't drift away...

The double pages with the dolphins or the ones with the whales are a marvel to look at. But the smaller illustrations are inspiring as well, like the page with the otters, or the other with the turtle, or the one with the parrotfish...I love the artwork so much this is a beautiful series and each page looks like a painting.

It's serene, makes me miss the ocean, and it is perfect to wind down before going to sleep.

I love water in all states, animals, and nature. We should care for all.

Sleep is important, no matter what wonderful critter you may be.

✍️📖 Steven J. Simmons @stevesimonsbooks

@charlesbridgepublishing Thank you so much for this copy @abprlifestyle @alexzumpino

Ages 3-7, 32 pages

❓️Which is your favorite ocean creature

Or do you read before going to sleep?

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