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News Notfrombrazil Update

Uncorrected footage of my new Notfrombrazil graphic novel. This one will be dedicated to my sister-in-love (law). For proverbs, sis!

I researched and gathered for the past two years proverbs in both languages and tried to use the ones that have something different so we see the differences. Some are influenced by culture and people, others by country traditions.

As always, I draw events that we have experienced in real life, taken from our daily lives and they have happened.

I picked some proverbs as the Portuguese Brazil or UK versions because they are funnier.

I will pre-order 5 copies to sign and ship to the first 5 newsletter subscribers who want to get a copy. To participate must answer my newsletter email showing interest.

Releases in JUNE 2024

100 pages

Humor, graphic novel, all ages

Author/ Illustrator - me vanessa.

Edited by and participation in daily life - Jacob Falling author (Husband Jon)

Comment below if you're excited.

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1 Comment

May 17

I am looking forward to it!

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