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Middle Grade Ratty

My review

4.5 stars

I enjoyed this book a lot, love it when characters are animals, and in this case, a boy gets turned into a rat. The story is fast and fun, with a very satisfying and sweet ending. Edweena Gup wants nothing else than to spread awareness against rats and have the pests gone from her island (the island has been clear of Rats for a long time and she wants to keep it that way) until... everything changes when she realizes not all is as it seems and instead of fighting the enemy she must protect him. 

I also loved the illustrations and the cover has beautiful colors. Edweena is a great character filled with spirit and a good heart. 

From the publisher: Ratty Barclay wasn’t supposed to be born a four-foot-tall, walking, talking rodent, but thanks to the Barclay family curse, he’s had to live in hiding from the rest of the world.

All he wants for his thirteenth birthday is to return to his family’s abandoned estate on Fairweather Island to somehow break the curse. Then he’ll finally get to live his life as a four-foot-tall, walking, talking, human boy. Edweena Gup, the granddaughter of the Barclays’ groundskeeper, has dedicated her life to being a Rat-Catcher Extraordinaire like her great-great-great grandmother before her. It doesn’t matter that Fairweather Island has been rat-free for over a hundred years—she’s determined to make sure everyone is prepared for their imminent return. And when she spots a human-sized rat lurking on the Barclay grounds, her worst fears are confirmed. Though it seems like Ratty and Edweena are destined to be enemies, they have a lot in common—they’re both lonely and misunderstood. But will they be able to overcome their fears of each other and maybe even become . . . friends?

Talking Points: This heartwarming tale by bestselling author Suzanne Selfors is about the unlikely friendship between a boy who is cursed to look like a rat and a girl who loathes rodents. This instant classic is perfect for fans of The One and Only Ivan, A Wolf Called Wander, and Flora & Ulysses.

Thank you to @penguinkids for sending me a copy of the book and teaming up with me for a great giveaway!

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