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For Studio Ghibli Fans

As a superfan of #studioghibli I jumped into this one immediately. Don't miss this one.

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Thank you for the free copy. 

My review: 

A fun read with humor magic and adventure, making it an uplifting girl rising to power kind of story & entertaining. It's not a portal fantasy. Wonderful magical worlds. Great fans of Diana Wynne Jones and the magic words of Studio Ghibli. Awesome. Fae is a girl caught in the middle of chaos, she even gets half-transformed into a cat.

An epic adventure story without the characters having to cross a map on a journey. Everything comes to them in the same location where all happens, trials adventures and misadventures, magic, facing dragons, dragon pastries, meeting amazing characters, learning about them, and defeating a greater evil... All before the time expires. All of this starts with the humorous death of a wizard who doesn't realize he's dead until Fae is chosen to break the news to him.

The West now needs a new ruler and they decide to hold trials to pick a new successor, but realize their entire world needs to revisit the old rules and traditions. The ending is satisfying for 2 reasons... Those who deserve to get rewarded will be awarded, and it hints that there will be a next volume as well.

️ Would you prefer to have a tail or wings? 

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