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Will you help me?

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1- Is The Silver Stone Challenge a book you will love to read and review?

2- Do you like?

  • Epic fantasy

  • Coming of age stories

  • Stories including trials and games

  • Action and adventure

  • Multiple Points of Views

  • Restoring magic to the world

  • Knights and academies

  • Elemental creatures and magic

  • Morally grey characters

  • Balanced male/female roles and characters

  • The Three Musketeers vibe, Robin Hobb Liveship Traders, Peter V. Brett The Warded Man, D&D

  • 525 Pages

3- Can you help me?

I just made a Bookfunnel account, this means you'll get an email from a professional company and you can download my book for free when you are willing to write a review on release day October 11, 2022.

Reviews don't have to be super long if this helps you to relax.

They can be just an honest opinion told in a few words or two sentences. For example: What made you read this? would you recommend it? Is there something unique with this one that you want people to know about?

Reviews are for other readers to understand if this is a book for them or not. It will help my ranking and it will help my book to stay visible.

4- Use the contact form to tell me you want the Bookfunnel copy. Here.

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