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A World Book Day wonderful gift

My review


Some books come to us at the right time when we need to read the sweet life lessons and small things that remind us what is worth paying attention to in our lives.

This wonderful middle-grade novel is one of those, with so many amazing paragraphs that become wise quotes to any age, not just young readers, for they are filled with wisdom and kindness. A simple gesture of returning lost socks becomes a journey through a community in the great busy city of New York where we are reminded of so many cultures, knowledge, experiences, and wonderful people. A tale of family, friendship, city people, and living with prejudice, social pressure, and even sometimes racism.

Thank you to my mother-in-law for this surprising gift that made my day, because I didn't notice it was already April 23rd, World Book Day... (and thank you for the socks too)

From the publisher


New York Times bestselling author and artist Chanel Miller tells a fun, funny, and poignant story of friendship and community starring Magnolia Wu, a ten-year-old sock detective bent on returning all the lonely only socks left behind in her parents’ NYC laundromat.Down at the bottom of the tall buildings of New York City, Magnolia Wu sits inside her parents’ laundromat. She has pinned every lost sock from the laundromat onto a bulletin board, in hopes that customers will return to retrieve them. But no one seems to have noticed. In fact, barely anyone has noticed Magnolia at all. What she doesn’t know is that this is about to be her most exciting summer yet. When Iris, a new friend from California arrives, they set off across the city to solve the mystery of each missing sock, asking questions in subways and delis and plant stores and pizzerias, meeting people and uncovering the unimaginable.  With each new encounter, Magnolia learns that when you’re bold enough to head into the unknown, things start falling into place.


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