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This Book Won't Burn

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15-Thoughts while reading and reasons to read:

1. A novel about the American book-banned movement. (Do you really need more reasons?)

2. Noor is angry, her father abandoned his family without warning. Very sad.

3. Her mom moves them away from Chicago to a small town and new school.. err... is that the best idea? 

4. Not all her new friends are bad. Cool. 

5. Noor's narration of this novel and her inner thoughts are hilarious and powerful. 

6. Gaslight? I think Victorian era immediately. Don't know what it is? This book explains it well. 

7. First week of school and Noor is already in detention. Go girl! 

8. Uptight adults and institutional rules to deal with.

9. Wow, I would be depressed but she takes her bitterness and pain and does something useful to all with it.

10. "Silence is complicity." Where are my markers? 

11. Bringing the community together for good. 

12. "Fascism wins when we let others manipulate the truth." I loved 1984 by George Orwell too. 

13. Wow, I never did anything so relevant at her age. That is sad. 

14. I want to have memories that I'll be proud of too. 

15. Aww... Great ending. Thank you author for this book.

5 stars

A novel focused on the American book-banned movement with a wonderful angry teen who is also powered by righteousness. Narrated in the first person, this makes the book humorous, emotional, and empowering. Poor Khan is angry, her father abandoned them, and her mother moved her from Chicago to a small town away from all that she knew and loved. Her first contact with some of the students isn't that bad, she makes friends easily, but she quickly finds adversity with the strict adult and institutional rules. Explains well what gaslight means.

The author is great in showing us all the emotions in Noor's voice, the bitterness and pain in her sarcasm, and the strength, also her will to act and rebel. A book that should be in all schools and libraries.

Thank you, publisher, for this copy. #bookstagram #booknerd

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Book Info:

This Book Won’t Burn by Samira Ahmed

Genre: Young Adult Realistic Contemporary

Publishing Date: May 7, 2024



From the New York Times bestselling author of Internment comes a timely and gripping social-suspense novel about book banning, activism, and standing up for what you believe. 

After her dad abruptly abandons her family and her mom moves them a million miles from their Chicago home, Noor Khan is forced to start the last quarter of her senior year at a new school, away from everything and everyone she knows and loves. Reeling from being uprooted and deserted, Noor is certain the key to survival is to keep her head down and make it to graduation.  But things aren’t so simple. At school, Noor discovers hundreds of books have been labeled “obscene” or “pornographic” and are being removed from the library in accordance with a new school board policy. Even worse, virtually all the banned books are by queer and BIPOC authors.  Noor can’t sit back and do nothing, because that goes against everything she believes in, but challenging the status quo just might put a target on her back. Can she effect change by speaking up? Or will small-town politics—and small-town love—be her downfall? 


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About the Author:

Samira Ahmed is the bestselling author of Love, Hate & Other FiltersInternmentMad, Bad & Dangerous to KnowHollow Fires, and the Amira & Hamza middle-grade duology, as well as a Ms. Marvel comic book mini-series.  Her poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies including the New York TimesTake the MicColor Outside the LinesVampires Never Get Old and A Universe of Wishes.

She was born in Bombay, India, and grew up in Batavia, Illinois, in a house that smelled like fried onions, spices, and potpourri. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Samira has taught high school English in both the suburbs of Chicago and New York City, worked in education non-profits, and spent time on the road for political campaigns.


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