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Book Tour Stop : @bloomsburybooksus, @l.stech and @storygramtours #thethingswemissbook #storygramkids

️From the publisher: 

J.P. Green has always felt out of step. She doesn't wear the right clothes, she doesn't say the right things, and her body…well, she'd rather not talk about it. And seventh grade is shaping up to be the worst year notorious bully Miranda O'Donnell won't stop offering unsolicited diet advice and her mom keeps trying to turn J.P. into someone she's not.

When J.P. discovers a mysterious door in her neighbor's treehouse, she doesn't hesitate before walking through. The door sends her three days forward in time. Suddenly, J.P. can skip all the worst parts of seventh Fitness tests in P.E., oral book reports, awkward conversations with her mom…she can avoid them all and no one even knows she was gone.

But can you live a life without any of the bad parts? Are there experiences out there that you can't miss?

Sensitive handling of tween girl dealing with fatphobia, bullying, and grief

Speculative plot with a fun, low-stakes twist on kids' time travel stories

Perfect for fans of When You Reach Me and Starfish

Thank you to @bloomsburybooksus for sending me a copy of the book.

️Did you read this weekend?  What book?

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