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The Secret Life of Bugs - Educational Picture Book Series

Today is so sunny and warm, ( compared to the late minus 30s) that I'm posting this one to celebrate the upcoming Spring.

Pub Date 05 Mar 2024

Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books, Happy Yak
Children's Fiction | Children's Nonfiction

My Review:

5 plus plus

This is an amazing educational and informative book on insects (no worries no spiders here, spiders are not insects). It is very well done with short paragraphs with poignant information dispersed and well designed on the page with illustrations to make absorption of all information easier to read. It has great legends, short stories, and fables to go with the scientific facts and interesting facts that I didn't know about.

The book doesn't have many pages (48 pages) but explores many themes and subjects related to insects in a succinct but efficient way. There's even a page dedicated to awards, best builders, or even best teamwork.

The way the science is presented with cute illustrations and witty presentation makes this a very useful resource and even the most deadly yucky insect is presented to us as cute and indispensable. Ladybug Luna is presenting us the insects, in and out of water, tiny or gigantic, there is plenty to respect and plenty that lives in a perfect ecosystem with us.

I recommend it to every classroom, house, or library. A series to keep close.

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this e-Arc.

Find the book here.

Other books in the series (image belongs to the publisher)

Description from the publisher:

Inspire the next generation to look after the world around them with The Secret Life of Bugs, a collection of delightful stories and engaging facts.

Let Luna, a friendly ladybird, lead you through this beautiful first guide to bug life. Learn about bug habitats – who lives where, from teeny tiny bugs (featherwing beetles) to the largest of critters (giant stick insect and goliath beetles). Find out the amazing things that bugs can do, like flying high or disguising themselves.

Read magical creepy crawly folklore stories from around the planet, too. The ladybug has learnt much on her travels and will be a great guide for young readers, perhaps inspiring them to develop a lifelong love of bugs.

Sadly, many insects are under threat, so the Ladybug guide will be an ideal character to teach children about pollution and climate change, and encourage them to care about all creepy crawlies.

Sumptuous and detailed illustrations take pride of place in this magical book that mixes natural history with a splash of fantasy, creating a book to be pored over time and again. There’s never been a better time to introduce your child to the beauty of every living thing, even the teeny tiny. Following on from The Secret Life of Trees, The Secret Life of Bees, The Secret Life of Birds and The Secret Life of Oceans, Bugs is the next book in the series.

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