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Scifi - Murder Thriller

As a murder mystery, it's a 4, but as a sci-fi dystopian, it's a 5 for me. My favorite part was not one chapter or a unique scene, but the entire novel as a whole after finishing and looking back.  Although it has a lot of great moments, lines, and plot twists, it only works if we don't skip, not even one paragraph. 

The main character is a person who has a skill that doesn't fit the world she lives in. To them, she is useless. She questions everything, and she ends up being the one investigating the murder of their most important elder. Through her persistence and ability to look beyond, she discovers many secrets about their island, their past, why they all die at 60, their goal, their place in the world, and the terrible secrets of their present as well. The character is fun to follow, and I like a book with a large cast. another fun character is the one who narrates the book and also can read the cast's thoughts, almost functions as an AI.

It has urgency because they believe that if they discover who was killed, the elder, they will stop the fog from entering the island and destroying the last of humankind. The murder part was just ok because I think the message was more important. 

The criticism of our present society, greed, and violence as it goes towards a future is a plausible doom. 

My favorite part was not one chapter but ending the book and seeing it as a whole. 

It's better as an audiobook. Listened to it at my local library. 

●Have you read this one? Your thoughts. Tell me something you liked or didn't like. 

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