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Recs and Tips: How do Draw Comics and Graphic Novels?

🎨Do you want to learn how to make comics and graphic novels?

Here are some recommendations that I used when I started, and the best thing is: they are also graphic novels.

👉Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Teaches the origin of comics, and how to create the stories - it may look advanced because it covers a LOT of the things we need to know to tell a comprehensive story.

👉 You can see my example (Not From Brazil - if you are curious check out my free webcomic humor slice of life page (children appropriate)

👉 Perspective for comic book artists by David Chelsea volumes 1 and 2 - all you can think of about perspective. But if you are not going to draw your comics you just have to focus on writing ☺️ A good one that combines both writing and imagining the visual story is: Directing the Story by Francis Glebas.

👉 My example of perspective in my superhero story is Polly and The Black Ink. I always have a lot of fun drawing and making comics.

👉Best tip I can give is: collect and read as many graphic novels as you can until you find your top 5 then study them. Why the author makes the first page with fewer panels? Why is the double page scenic at this point of the story? Don't copy others (just for practice and for yourself) but learn and make your own style (that comes from practice.)

Books (Amazon)

This is not an affiliated post, I don't earn commissions or get paid when you buy.

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