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Zoo Rescue - Short Chapter

My review


I am so happy for this chapter book to remind us of the work done by zoos and institutions that collect the animals and help them survive more years than they would in the wild. This is sad to know also because it's our responsibility to protect their environment so they don't need to be rescued or be in danger from trash. The characters of this episode have their heart in the right place. During a school trip to the Zoo, they realize that all animals are trapped, but then during their rescue mission, they learn how animals can be saved and vets can learn from the animal feces to improve their knowledge of how to protect the animals best. This one focuses on the anteater that is at risk of being extinct. The author provides at the end pertinent questions so the readers can think more about this issue and discuss it, and also explains zoo facts (not all zoos are credited, but they should be). We are a family who donate to help these institutions to support the animals. I hope many young readers read this book. I love that we learn so many Spanish words. Perfecto!

Thank you, Publisher and Netgalley for this e-Arc.

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From the publisher


Lions and tigers and bears—oh my! During a school trip to the zoo, Maria and Mateo get to see all sorts of interesting animals. But their enjoyment quickly turns to concern. Why are all the animals in enclosed spaces? Wouldn’t they rather be free? It seems like it’s up to the cousins to rescue the animals! Cousins Maria and Mateo are two curious second graders who love experiencing new things, and their school’s field trips are the perfect opportunities to do just that. Join these high-spirited cousins as they learn more about themselves and the world around them through field trips to a zoo, a natural history museum, an orchestra, and a flower farm.

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