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Wonderful Companion Book

I've recently joined The Wingfeather Saga by reading the first two volumes (of the 5 available).

A Ranger's Guide to Glipwood Forest is the perfect add-on/ companion guide to this series which is also an animated series. Whimsical and humourous writing. Amazing characters: foes and allies.

I wanted to be a GORG too (from the GlimpWood Official Ranger Guild)

and explore this amazing forest, characters, tools, herbs, plants, and tips for discounts eheh. With different areas, there is so much to learn about each. I wanted to visit the Fingap Observery. "... a bookish and fanatical bunch of sea waters and star mappers, but they're nice enough. They also make a delectable glipp chowder (which you might be able to sample at a discount if you mention me)"

If you never read this series this is a great teaser that will make you jump into the series without a doubt. I love the covers and illustrations a lot. If you have read this series, this is a great add-on to collect.

"Are you Edible?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you'll want to take extra care before you embark on your journey. (Trust me the answer is yes)"

Could have been a pick-your-next-page-tiny-adventure. Just an idea.

A Ranger's Guide was sent to me by the publisher. I'm grateful for this little surprise.

(I don't earn from these links.) Get a copy here.

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