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Wildfire - Graphic Novel

Release date Sept 5th.

Amazon or B&N.

10 out of 5

This is a great graphic novel that should be in every school.

I loved it and am so excited that my review doesn't fit here. You can read it in my blog post or find it on Amazon or my usual review platforms.

👉 Environmental crisis awareness

👉Tragedy turns into Activism

👉 Let's do our part

From the publisher:

An inspiring and moving graphic novel, Wildfire follows climate change through the eyes of one middle-school girl, who’s eager to turn her anger into action.

Julianna loved her life in rural Oregon.

She loved taking care of her farm animals and being part of her local 4H club. But then the unthinkable happened...a wildfire destroyed her family’s home.

In the aftermath, her family relocated to Portland, Oregon, where Julianna hopes to put everything behind her. Believing the fire to be the result of kids playing with fireworks, she certainly isn’t interested when her parents and younger sister start getting involved in the growing climate change protests.

All she wants to do is move on, but that becomes near impossible when Carson, an old friend from her hometown who may have had a hand in starting the wildfire, is suddenly back in her life. Julianna can’t seem to catch a break, but when two new friends invite her to join their school’s conservation club, she learns that maybe she can turn her anger into something powerful.

Emotional and inspiring, Wildfire shows readers that healing from tragedy can take many forms and demonstrates what it means to take action in the face of climate change—and how that action can be different for each of us.




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