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True Stories - Amazingly Illustrated

This is a graphic novel series that made me want to draw and paint again.

These amazing books are based on true stories.

SAVING H'NON Chang and the Elephant is the second volume.

I had fallen in love with Saving Sorya before and now I find this new volume amazing. A heartfelt story of a rescued elephant (National Park in Vietnam) H'non is a sixty-year-old elephant who was stolen from her mother in the jungles of Vietnam when she was only four years old and forced to work under horrible conditions.

👉Amazing art and detail (full illustrations, design, comic panels, full drawings)

👉 Traditional art, superb!

👉 Emotional story

👉 A lot of content, information, story, detail

👉 Different chapters, 128 pages but long horizontal format looks like it's double in richness of content

It is a series to collect and gift for sure.

I bought Sorya a couple of years back but was gifted H'non recently thank you @penguinrandomhouse@thedialpress for this amazing second volume.

Non-monetized links.

Buy from Amazon or B&N.

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