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The SilverBlood Promise

Pub Date 07 May 2024

Tor Publishing Group, Tor Books

Sci Fi & Fantasy


I devoured half of the book in one sitting although it's about 530 pages, after 40% the cast grows, and the action, plot twists, and conflict too. The main character (Lukan) is fun and a bit naive. He's going to be dropped in the middle of a huge (murderous, magic, supernatural) game of conspiracy and danger that is too much for him to deal with. This will create a lot of side quests and mini adventures where his reactions and quick solutions result in a lot of humorous situations.

This is a murder/mystery and the investigation to solve his father's death takes him to a new city. His sidekick (Flea) is a feisty, smart (sometimes more than he is) ten-year-old girl, this street urchin helps him around the city but becomes one of his most valuable allies. Their relationship is hilarious. I always loved the dynamic of the Main character and the kid companion since Indy and Shorty, or Alan and the Kids in Jurassic Park not to mention Last of Us.

Another high note is the vibe of the world and the story. It's mostly humor and action. When I want to take a break from long slow-burn fantasy books I turn to those that are super entertaining, fast-paced, and not always very complex but enough to remind me of my favorite RPG structures such as Assassin's Creed with secret cults and different villains. But sometimes the humor, rhythm and the fast-pacing of the silver blood promise lean more toward cartoonish/comic book types of villains, especially with the choices of their code names. I immediately see a superhero with a suit whenever I hear Ashra's name.

I've spent New Year's Eve with this digital ARC and that will always be in my memory because I had a lot of fun with it, but if in book two Lukan says his signature expression more than once per page I will scream. He just says it too many times and becomes annoying (hope the editors get that).

This book made my expectations higher for the next volume. Looking forward to reading the rest.

Love the cover as well.

Thank you, Tor and Netgalley for this e-ARC.

Amazon or find it in your local store.

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