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The Girl, The Ring & the Baseball Bat FANART

Fan art by me (Vanessa Bettencourt) of the three characters.

1️⃣5️⃣Thoughts I had while reading this book:

  1. Yes! I want to be Caro's bestie!

  2. Rosie is a top star student, that's a lot of stress.

  3. Awww Zeke is my favorite...

  4. Imagine that... The things I missed by never eating at the cafeteria.

  5. Tip of the day: Do your homework during lunchtime and get free time after school, signed Rosie.

  6. Oh...oh... these powers are cool, but they can also go south!

  7. Yolanda (I've listened to the audiobook not sure how to spell her name correctly) You are awesome and wise.

  8. (Laughs here) Oh, the girl's mom is the best. LOL

  9. Get them, girl! That's how you do it! Well said!

  10. I remember being afraid of ending college and not knowing what waited for me ahead.

  11. So sorry, Caro... You're strong. Hang in there.

  12. Yes, I do see how she is a Leo and Zeke is Pisces.

  13. This is cool. I wondered if there was a book about my family and what thoughts and unsaid things I could discover and read about them.

  14. AH! Swing that bat girl! Chaos, Chaos.

  15. Take it but use it to do good.

My review

4 Stars

I like that there are three narrators. My favorite character is Rosie, but then it's Zeke, and then Caro, meaning they all have their moments, even their mom. She has a great grumpy personality) Also, Yolanda is awesome.

Rosie is an exceptional student but is treated unfairly by the patriarchal authorities of the school who acting in spite can ruin her future with a simple order. I am glad they got some justice on this front. Her talisman is a jacket that makes people do what she says, but it also makes her feel with more intensity, including rage. These talismans in a way help the three teens face the turbulence and injustices of coming of age and growing up but sometimes they need to navigate the consequences.

The book gets even better around the 60% mark and it has a lot of relatable family scenes, school life moments that make me rethink that I missed some experiences in my school life, and relationship trauma (from boyfriends to parents) that we understand well.

The author has a good idea of how teens struggle with the uncertainty of their future, and life, and how they communicate. Although some readers may think characters curse a lot it is a great representation (and very genuine) to teens's reality.

I am glad the author points out that being angry is OK because, when used properly it can bring good change.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for the e-arc.

Thank you Hear our Voices for including me in this Book Tour (Publisher: Levino Querido)

Find book here.

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