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Telephone of the Tree

@AlisonMcGheewriter @penguinkids and @storygramkids

My review

4.5 great concept based on a Japanese phone booth as inspiration. A very emotional story of grief, of respecting one's rhythm and processing loss. Very beautiful, love the format of the book itself, the artwork, and of the writing lyrical style.

The incident is something very relatable (unfortunately: awareness to careless drivers.) The author conveys the grief and stage of denial very well.

Short Summary:

" Ayla and her best friend Kiri have always been tree people. They each have their own special tree, and neighbors and family know that they are most likely to be found within the branches. But after an accident on their street, Kiri has gone somewhere so far away that Ayla can only wait and wait in her birch, longing to be able to talk with Kiri again. Then a mysterious, old-fashioned telephone appears one morning, nestled in the limbs of Ayla’s birch tree. Where did it come from? she wonders. And why are people showing up to use this phone to call their loved ones? Especially loved ones who have passed on. All Ayla wants is for Kiri to come home. Until that day comes, she will keep Kiri’s things safe. She’ll keep her nightmares to herself. And she will not make a call on that telephone.

Talking Points: An unforgettable story of grief and the support of community as a young girl, faced with aching loss, begins to understand that what we love will always be with us."

Thank you to @penguinkids for sending me a copy of the book and teaming up with me for a great giveaway! Check out how to enter below:

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