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Sylvania Camp

🅱️ook Tour Stop + Review

My review: Book 1 is Now on paperback and it's an amazing start for this series. A Summer Camp as you can't imagine. Safe for new friendships, but with a lot of paranormal activity. It's not a summer camp to lose weight. Lots of action, tension, and humor. Themes such as acceptance, self-confidence, fun, uplifting read, solving things on their own, and making new friends among those who share interests and experiences.

Excited to start this series? How do you feel about vampires!!

Thank you to @theshelfstuff for sending me a copy of the book. @andimjulie, @crystalwrote and @storygramkids

Book #1 is now in paperback!

👉 Book #1 is written by NYT bestselling author Julie Murphy who wrote Dumplin'. Acclaimed author Crystal Maldonado joins Julie for book #2!

👉 Lightly creepy and totally funny -- this won't give anyone nightmares, but it will leave them laughing.

👉 Has wonderful body-positive messaging, but that's not the sole focus of the book. There is lots of fantastic friendship messaging and coming-into-your-own journeys!

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