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Spring Cleaning

No more artist alleys but... same sales.

The world has changed and we must adapt. We used to be part of events and artist alleys but that stopped being a reality. Attending comic cons as artists or writers and having a table or a booth was fun, but it was a major stress. What made it easy? Children, their parents, and fans who genuinely wanted to learn more about our book and ended up returning the next day to buy the entire series. Some of you (you know who) still have a special place in my heart. I am adding you to my upcoming book acknowledgments.

In the spirit of that precious memory, just set up an Etsy store:

  • SALES/ What will you find there? (It will be what you can't have on Amazon.)

I still ask you to review the books on Amazon even if you get them on Etsy, for Amazon is my main selling store (review only the books, not the extras offers, goodies, pack sales, or whatever extras that may go with the package.)

  • Special editions that I will order in limited numbers and won't exist on Amazon (hardcovers with dust jackets), signed copies, bookmarks, and artwork from the books.

  • Original Watercolors

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 07, 2022

Great idea! I love Etsy!

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