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Series Review:

Amazing series.

I was one of the winners of this series during a giveaway made by the Publisher.

Thank you so much for these.

I loved it.

In a family with five kids, two moms, and a dog that eats everything in front of him Sam is not the oldest and she is adopted. Her fear of not securing a place in this family leads her to extra worry when she overhears her Mom will sell their boat and will work for someone else. Sam wants to save her moms' business and prove her worth (she's even worried that being the one who doesn't know how to swim will be against her), but she learns a great and valuable lesson about love, friendship, trust, and family instead. These adventures in The House in Sunrise Lagoon are full of summer be bed, activities, and mood. It's as if I can smell the salty water and hear the seascape, celebrating the 4th of July. I love Summer.

I also love how all the kids have different personalities and add conflict and fun to the plot.

I won this book during a giveaway hosted by the publisher.

In this second volume, we empathize with Marina's fears and anxieties. She is the middle kid and sometimes that can be overwhelming when Marina starts to think she isn't as cool as the others or loved as the little ones. Her fears take over but I love that through communication, getting together as a family can help sort things out. I love how the moms dealt with and understood this situation. It's important to communicate, not all answers are in books or explicit. I relate to this volume a lot and to some of Marina's feelings and actions.

On top of all their anxieties, Marina feels different from the others for being the only part-Mexican.

I won this book during a giveaway hosted by the publisher.

Buy on Amazon or B&N.

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