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Orange and Green

What I read this weekend:

Thank you @wednesdaybooks and @minotaur_books for these copies #smpinfluencers

❓️Do you read more during the weekend or the week?

💚My Trilogy for June is: #Noumena

1. Axiom's End - (not gifted, I bought) First volume, first contact novel, hard science, conspiracy theories, young woman connects with an alliance and becomes his translator. With a hint of forbidden love. Book 3 releases this next Tuesday, June 4th.

2. Truth of the Divine - (not gifted , I bought) currently reading

3. Apostles of Mercy - excited to read this one, alternative history but very relatable to our politics.

🧡 “Stephanie Plum meets the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”

Genre: Mystery

Volume #27 A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery

Author: Carolyn Haines

A summer novel that reminds me of my mom's favorite beach reads.

Marlon disappears... there's more to it.

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