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Olivia Wolf and the Moldy Sandwich

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Graphic Novel with 88 pages but with lots of fast-paced events. Just like a full day of events and fun on a kid's day.

5/5 Stars

Also available in Spanish, Olivia Wolf and the Moldy Sandwich is a fun short (88 pages) graphic novel suitable for young readers about a city where monsters and humans live together in harmony.

Monstrosity is busy, where kids are superheroes and do good deeds on their way to the Academy and sometimes during their break. It has great character design and starts with mini character sheets presenting the entire cast of kids and their personalities. I already have a bunch of favorite little monsters. It's great for young readers showing large and simple panels, only a few per page making it easy to read and follow. Has humor, mystery, good silliness, and lots of action. It is fast-paced, and sometimes monsters go derange and attack the city, but in most cases, they just need a friend. I love Olivia, Sam the invisible kid, but also Mario and Bella... Well... all the others too. Although it is 88 pages only, this book covers a lot of events, making the day full - just like a kid's day usually is. It also introduces us to the world and future adventures. Monstrocity is promising. The next episode sounds as fun as this one.

Publisher: NubeOcho

Want to see the pages inside? Click here.

Genre: Middle Grade, Young Readers, Humor, Mysterry

Release Date: September 19th:

Buy from Amazon or B&N. - Moldy Sandwich

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