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Officer Clawsome

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My review

5 stars

Awesome graphic novel series makes a great gift, and reluctant readers enjoy books.

Officer Clawsome is the coolest lobster cop in town and his partner Stariana is fierce when it comes to catching baddies. Filled with humor, and puns (words and visual) this graphic novel is one to make anyone of any age smile. Creative worldbuilding, with a superhero classic vibe for a busy city filled with supervillains ready to rob a bank and sometimes an entire building. Volume 1 is about finding the missing Kelpy's entire building store that has disappeared. Amazing character design, hilarious scenes, and pages in this impossible-to-stop-reading series.

Book two raises the fun with time traveling to different time periods to solve the next case. I love the artwork, and I reread these each year when I need a great day.

I love all the characters, but Captain Badmood is the best, he even screams at his police officers when giving them praise.

Take a look at what I mean here:

 Officer Clawsome and his partner, Stariana, are back, solving a time-bending mystery of epic proportions in this sequel to Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop.

A puzzling mystery is afoot! Thankfully, Caper Cove’s finest are on the case, but the investigation takes a turn for the strange when the town’s resident evil genius, Brain Sturgeon, dives into a portal to the past. Fighting crime, dodging dinosaurs, and wrangling old West outlaws, these two best friends have gotten tangled up in a mystery fit for the ages. Will this dynamic duo be able to restore the past, present, and future—or will time as we know it be lost forever?

Fans of Dog Man and SpongeBob will delight in the continued hijinks of Clawsome and Stariana in their latest adventure.

Thank you to @theshelfstuff for sending me a copy of the book.

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