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Return to or discover Narnia... it's that time of the year when I love to reread one of the most beloved classics of children's fantasy. #sponsored

This Christmas... Step into the most famous magical wardrobe and discover a world in need of heroes like you and me. Join Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter and meet a playful satyr and amazing creatures, evil queens, and throne usurpers. We're standing with Aslan and good to fight evil, learning from mistakes and acts of bravery... even when it requests a higher sacrifice.

For honor and friendship. For family and loyalty I want my Christmas to be adventurous and as magical as it was when I read this series for the first time, and if this is your first time... you're in for an unforgettable treat, sweeter than Turkish Delight. Grab your cozy blanket and pillow, read aloud with your loved ones before the fireplace, or even enact each chapter of the brave tale of the children who fight to save a strange but still familiar world.

Who do you think you'll be? (pick a name)

Lucy the Valiant

Edmund the Just

Susan the Gentle

Peter the Magnificient

Me: I think I would like to be Gentle like Susan and Just like Edmund.

Thank you @harpercollins @harperkids @theshelfstuff and @official_.narnia for this gifted box to add to my Narnia collection. This pocket size is perfect for traveling during the holidays. I'm taking them everywhere.

Buy this box from Harper Collins.

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