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May Update

Updated: May 19, 2022

1. New Collection of stickers inspired by my new collection of postcards "Woodland Book Club"

2. Uploaded the first Woodland Book Club postcard to my Etsy shop. $2 each or 5 for 8$ Limited first edition 20 available.

3. Upcoming fantasy trilogy: Whisperers and Keepers book 1: The Silver Stone Challenge is ready to print, and will be published in November 2022. Book II Quest into Darkness is being edited, and book III The Last Artifact is 30% into the first draft. Hope to publish them only a few months apart.

4. Cover reveal for the first volume of The Silver Stone Challenge soon.

5. Notfrombrazil fans: I'm still researching the proverbs and idioms for the comics to make a book. It will be published in June or July 2023. In the meanwhile, new episodes every Friday. You may support this webcomic by buying the books or donating to Patreon or Kofi. Patreon supporters get a free monthly calendar for 2022.

6. The second book of the Lost Valley Series, is on stand-by. I finished it and it was ready to publish, but I love it so much I'm considering turning it into a trilogy. Anyway, it won't come out before Whisperers and Keepers.

7. Stay tuned for the monthly giveaways. May's giveaway (Blog post: May 24th.) June Giveaway is 5 books.


Which postcard do you want to see (will send to printer) next?

A. Beaver 2. Porcupine 3. Bunny

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My American Mom votes Porcupine. I think this one is winning in other platforms too. Another vote from Twitter. 😁


Curious to see which one has more votes

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