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LitRPG for Kids

Book II will release next year.

My review:

4/5 stars

Fun LitRPG for kids that is well written, under 200 pages, and engaging with lots of action and fighting animal monsters like Pokemon/Digimon.

It's a great start, gives us the character's set as a kid who only lives with his mom. They moved away from New York. It's fast-paced. I didn't like the main character's personality as much but the adventure is fun. At first, I thought the goal of this first book was to find a way home but the boy keeps returning home and going to school and then back into the game. I suppose the goal of the series is to simply level up and defeat the game but it takes the tension away from the plot.

New school, new friends, facing bullies, the main character is sassy and doesn't get upset with most things, but having an absent dad does upset him. The first book ends without any indication if this will be an issue to solve later, maybe.

Entertaining, gamers will relate and have fun. We've all been there at the start collecting sticks and having trees fall on our heads.

I like the extra comments added for the items' pop-ups. They are fun to read. Love the cover.

Thank you, author and book siren for this free digital copy. My opinion is honest and voluntary.

Buy from Amazon or B&N. (I don't earn any money from these links. Just helping spread the word)

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