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Support these amazing indie authors, sisters of dreams and storytelling.

Ages: 11- 15

Folktale and Myth

Only today (May 20th) buy free from Amazon (support this offer with by reviewing the book).

From the author:

"Enter a world where magic runs deep, and nature speaks to those who listen.

Follow Aira, a girl from a village of rice farmers, as she discovers the secrets of the forest. And Dain, a young hunter who can channel the power of the endangered tiger.

But as they become Guardians of the natural world, a relentless plantation industry threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. With divine powers at odds over humanity's fate, and a forest in flames, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

What will Aira and Dain do?

Who will triumph in this epic battle between nature and industry?"

Buy on Amazon or B&N.

Fantasy Novel

Happy Release Day (May 20th, 2023)

From the author:

"The bones of the dead hold stories.

On the fringes of Errigal, Morana longs to exchange a life of hiding for a peaceful one with her husband, Percy. While Percy's bloodgift lets him grow plants and heal broken bodies, Morana's a boneweaver, despised and feared because she can hear bones and raise the dead. Morana doesn't want to be seen as a villain from the old stories and instead spends her time gardening, writing the stories of the dead, and fending off a spiteful chicken.

Morana and Percy's lives are shattered when a group of Failinis tasked with capturing boneweavers and rogue bloodgifted find them. On the run and battling the elements, ancient creatures, and the loss of all they called home, Morana and Percy search for any sanctuary left in Errigal. Morana must choose between the call in her blood or the family she holds so close to her heart if she and Percy are to survive."

Buy on Amazon.

Release May 30th, 2023.

Children's Fantasy

From the author:

"Wishes aren't all they're cracked up to be... especially when you have to capture the Fairies who grant them to you.

Er... make that faeries... and not the normal, hiding-in-plain-sight magical kind.

When a misadventure cleaning out the attic leads Isaac to release a faerie trapped in a glass ball of light, he believes he's struck gold--in the form of wishes. All he has to do is mention the name that was engraved on the ball, and the indebted faerie would grant him any three wishes he wanted.

The best part of all was knowing that there was an entire chest of captured faeries waiting to be freed...

But when strange things start to happen around town, Isaac begins to wonder if the increasingly unfortunate events are his doing.

Only his mysterious neighbor, Yara, knows the truth about his lineage as a Light Keeper.

Can Yara's strength and wisdom guide Isaac into his new role?

Can Isaac make things right again?

Or will his dream-come-true turn into his worst nightmare?"

Pre-order on Amazon or B&N.

Or join Kickstarter.

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