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How to set up a Wish list for Giveaways

Using Wishlist on (click to go to sections) Amazon/ Book Depository / B & N / Wook

You need to have accounts in these stores


1- Go to your account and list.

2- Right corner: Create a List (or use already one of your lists)

3- Name list (example 2022 books)

4- Go to the right corner: MORE - Manage List

5- Make it Public (people who have your link can see the books but not your address)

6- Make sure to select an address (it will be only visible to Amazon) so people can select send to you instead of buying for themselves.

7- Share the link on social media or other


1- Click on Whishlists above on the bar, then Create a Wishlist

2- Name the list

3- Set it to Public

4- Get the link to share on social media or other


1- Go to wishlists on the bar above

2- Create a list

3- Name your list, add optional details, set it as public

4- Add a book by clicking on the Add to List under the selected book (this will asked you where to save)

5- Share links with others or on social media

ON WOOK PT (Portuguese)

1- Va a sua area de cliente e clique em A minha conta

2- Lista de Desejos

3- Aqui estao os livros que adicionou a lista de desejos (adiciona-se ao clicar nos coracoes em cada livro)

Para partilhar pode carregar ali e abre uma janela ou partilhe copiando o link no topo.

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