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Hot from the Oven

I read this advance Netgalley in November and now Libro Fm granted me a copy of the audiobook. This is such a fun read.

I was drawn to this novel because of the cover. It showed promise, and it didn't disappoint.

This was a super fun middle-grade spy/team on a mission kind of book, from the assembling of the team to training and then execution. Oliver ends up being sent to a strange school that has a very different program from the traditional one. Like her, other kids are there because of their amazing skills so is Oliver. Besides playing board games, they will help to save the school. There's also Oliver's memories of Mimi that we get as short flashes and that helps to balance the silly humor. It's very entertaining and I love the art style of the illustrator. I hope this becomes a series. I've read an arc and not all the art was completed, I'm excited to see the final book and collect it to my shelf.

Author: Lisa Yee

Narrator: Cindy Kay

Length: 6 hours 2 minutes

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group

Publication date January 2, 2024

Edition: Unabridged

Genre: Children's


(Transparency: This post contains affiliate links)

I like mysteries to be solved by more than one character. A boy and and girl follow clues in an enclosed space like a house, hotel, or this case a department store. There is history to unveil, different characters to meet, mysteries and clues to be solved and evil characters to be stopped. The boy is an artist bookworm who will overcome his fears and the girl is a fun, energetic chatty girl. Every chapter is exciting to the very last paragraph.

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this e-ARC and Libro f m for the Audiobook. I love reading and listening at the same time. I do that a lot.

Author: Ben Guterson

Narrator: Elise Arsenault

Length: 8 hours 14 minutes

Language: English

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Publication date: January 30, 2024

Edition: Unabridged

Genres: Children's & Fantasy


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