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Happy Release Day

Happy Release Day for Quest into Darkness Volume II of Whisperers and Keepers.

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Thank you so much for all your support.

After the attack on the capital, the Knights and cadets of the Order of Eskar are on the run across Valkar Kingdom only to learn Ivoer was not the only city taken by the Purger Army and the false priests. The survivors’ goal is to reach Constant, where they hope to reunite with the rest of the Order to decide how to deal with the treachery against the Knights. Two different paths lead them to very different reckonings. They’ll gather allies, rescue those loyal to the Order and liberate those sentenced to die. Darkness has covered all the Eskar Kingdoms in this race against time. With vicious brewmnas and wakens in pursuit, Eilenar must return the stolen children to their families while he learns more about his magic and the creatures within. A time of awakening for both light and darkness. A time for knowledge, battle and sacrifice to heal and restore the magic to the merinian people. Content Warning: Whisperers and Keepers is a dark fantasy series that occasionally explores dark medieval themes such as violence, trauma, miscarriage, and swearing.

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