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Get to Know me

1- 42

2- Sagittarius

3- Lords of the Rings

4- Having my own publisher in NY and touring the world with my authors

5- Watercolor illustration

6- Blue

7- Beach Summer or Rain Fall

8- Tour all Disney Parks in the world

9- Lord of the Rings and Hobbit

10 - Game of Thrones

11- Harry Potter, the Hobbit, Jurassic Park

12- Epic Fantasy

13- Anne Greengables, OZ, Heidi

14- At the beach or by the window

15- Finding the next read, someone truly loving my stories, eating ice cream

16- Reading Fire and Blood

17- Dragon Mage

18 - I'm afraid of spiders and bullies

22- ( no idea why I skipped so many numbers) Childhood confession: I thought the stories my mom told me at bedtime would be forgotten so I started writing them down thinking she was inventing them.

23- Reader's quirks, I barely opened the books to preserve them

24- Small blue dragon

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