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Final Volume (No Spoilers) Review

5/5 Stars

Fantastic. (no spoilers review)

This has to be my favorite volume of the trilogy and I kept looking at the pages left and not wanting it to end.

I love this author/illustrator's style not only in the usage of color but in drawing style and storytelling. She always captures silent and very relatable body language very well, including life lessons and I keep taking notes of quotes. In this volume, there's a remark on how the stitches of something embroidered and beautiful can look so messy on the other side. Like life right? There are more examples like this but I'll let you discover them by yourself.

In this volume, we're going to close old stories and discover what really happened to the boy. As for the main character, it is also time to open up to more than one friend and learn how to keep friends.

Explores themes like mystery, paranormal, ghosts, death, dealing with loss and grief, humor, obsession with ghosts, friendships, moving on to a new grade and expanding circle of friends, not being egocentric, forgiveness, family... It is eerie sometimes, tense, mysterious, and sad (a good sad).

Release date: September 5th, 2023

Pre-order here: Amazon or B&N

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