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Filipino Fantasy Inspired

Book Tour for Saints of Storm and Sorrow

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A great debut that stars a Filipino-inspired YA fantasy novel with a magic system connected with tides, storms, and winds. The women with magic get their power from the goddess they pray to. This is a Colonialism 16th century story well researched and interesting ya. The characters are interesting, it's very rich in lore, folklore, and culture and I loved that Lunurin is a stormcaster.

The rawness of the first chapters of this book will tell you if this is, or not, the read for you.

The part where women are mistreated and seen as properties of males is infuriating but historically accurate.

I listened to the audio and the narrator was perfect for this book.


In this fiercely imaginative Filipino-inspired fantasy debut, a bisexual nun hiding a goddess-given gift is unwillingly transformed into a lightning rod for her people's struggle against colonization. Perfect for fans of lush fantasy full of morally ambiguous characters, including The Poppy War and The Jasmine Throne.

Maria Lunurin has been living a double life for as long as she can remember. To the world, she is Sister Maria, dutiful nun and devoted servant of Aynila's Codicían colonizers. But behind closed doors, she is a stormcaller, chosen daughter of the Aynilan goddess Anitun Tabu. In hiding not only from the Codicíans and their witch hunts, but also from the vengeful eye of her slighted goddess, Lunurin does what she can to protect her fellow Aynilans and the small family she has created in the convent: her lover Catalina, and her younger sister Inez.

Lunurin is determined to keep her head down - until one day she makes a devastating discovery, which threatens to tear her family apart. In desperation, she turns for help to Alon Dakila, heir to Aynila's most powerful family, who has been ardently in love with Lunurin for years. But this choice sets in motion a chain of events beyond her control, awakening Anitun Tabu's rage and putting everyone Lunurin loves in terrible danger. Torn between the call of Alon’s magic and Catalina’s jealousy, her duty to her family and to her people, Lunurin can no longer keep Anitun Tabu’s fury at bay.

For the goddess of storms demands vengeance. And she will sweep aside anyone who stands in her way.

The audiobook is narrated by Danice Cabanela and Dante Basco. Dante is known for being the voice of Zuko in the hit animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Thank you to @spotify  for sending me a copy of the book.

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