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Breaking Into Sunlight

Very powerful and emotional novel.


An emotional and powerful contemporary/realistic and relatable middle-grade. 

There are middle grades that I recommend to only kids and others for the parents to read aloud with their kids, this one I recommend to three groups. 

First: children who may relate to this situation of having parents facing the tragic outcomes of addiction. It is relatable and shows people are not alone.

Second: readers who have not yet experienced this, but by reading this slice of life they will grow up to be better prepared for the hardships of adulthood, parenthood, or accidental addition. It is educational.

Third: to the parents or to those who want to understand and help, to be kind to others who are living in family situations like this one. A way to see their side of the story and pain. Reese is angry and sad, he feels lost and guilty. He is depressed, anxious, and constantly in panic expecting that something worse may happen. He keeps his situation a secret, aggravating all. For a while, he can't enjoy life or being a child. 

In any case, the message is for all - no one is alone, and people can help. The right people/community can help (help instead of discriminating). The author included useful contacts and information at the end of the book. 

I am grateful to have read this novel. So many times I wished middle grades such as this existed while I was a teen, maybe that was one reason that led me to become a teacher. 

I recommend this book to every school and library to be easy to access for those who can't get it elsewhere and may need it the most. It is a wonderful novel and made me feel strongly (from being mad at some characters to understanding, compassion, and feeling pride for the excellent character growth portrayed in Reese). 


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