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Awesome Step-by-Step Drawing book (see my video)

Quarto Books

Releases February 27th, 2024

160 Pages

50 +7 creatures

(I read a digital advance copy)

My review:

5 stars

I can't resist these books, especially by YouTuber Naomi Lord. I love that it's about 160 pages each double page has a creature. The style is kawaii (cute) and the step-by-step (some have up to 29 thumbnails explaining) comes with a short explanation for each thumbnail. Plenty of diversity we can learn to make feathers, characters, and animals with four paws but also winged ones. There's a lot.

The best about these is once you learn three or four you can start to mash up and create your creatures mixing what you learn from these pages.

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this digital Arc.

Find it here.

From the publisher:

Enhance your drawing skills and create 57 anime fantasy creatures following simple step-by-step tutorials.

In Cute Creature Art Class, popular anime artist Naomi Lord shares the secrets to drawing enchanting creatures in her signature style. Through easy-to-follow tutorials, Lord walks you through the techniques she used to create these anime characters, including her personal suggestions when it comes to using colored pencils, markers, digital programs, and more.

Discover the myths of creatures ranging from druids to dragons, including:

  • Land Walkers such as Kitsune, Yeti, Cerberus, Naga

  • Air Gliders such as Manticore, Quetzalcoatl, Pegasus, Fairy

  • Sea Splashers such as Kraken, Akhlut, Kelpie, Mermaid

  • Night Dwellers such as Cthulhu, Mothman, Wendigo, Medusa and More!

But the magic doesn't stop there! Get creative with the Bonus: Mythical Combos section where the mundane is bred into the mythical. Ever wondered what the hybrid of a raven and a cat looked like? How about a shark and a dog, or—even cuter—an otter and a fish? Watch Naomi’s creativity bloom, and follow in her footsteps (or should I say, pencil strokes?). On top of the tutorials, find inspiration for personalizing your drawings with different fur textures, hairstyles, facial expressions, fashion, and more!

Create your own fantasy anime creatures and tap into a whimsical artistic journey with this accessible guide.

Let's draw one!

It's been a while since I drew just for the fun of drawing. Would you like to see more? Should I pick up more books like this to make more videos?

Note: Added a comment section below to my blog, so anyone can comment without having to log in. But everyone is welcome to subscribe to the newsletter or the blog if you want to get email notifications.

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