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A Pirates Pact

🏴‍☠️☠️A Pirates' Pact is the 5th book but 1st middlegrade of @author_sarah_branson

The author's Adult series Pirates of New Earth is a dystopian sci-fi... this middle-grade includes the children of one of the characters set in the same world. Fun.

My review:

4.5 This is a great short, easy-to-read Middle-Grade adventure of two brothers (twins) who are growing up with their own personalities and preferences. When they are 10 years old- turning eleven, they start to notice that they have become quite distant from one another, and bullies at school don't help. But one event makes them go on an adventure together. A treasure hunt.

Highlights that made me enjoy this story.

The end is great, how it all comes together, the revelations and confessions, being honest with each other, how their older sister is awesome, the adults are the same characters from the author's adult sci-fi series so to those who already read those novels it's great to reconnect with some characters. The fast pacing and adventure of treasure hunting. It's set in a dystopian future. Themed Treasure and Pirates.

I won a giveaway copy of A Pirate's Pact and bought the other books to start reading soon.

Thank you @yabookscentral and author for the giveaway

❓️Do you read more books that are past , present or in the future?

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