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A fun Graphic Novel Release

My review:

5 stars

A great middle-grade story of dealing with family, culture, and middle school all at once. Clever title, because Kevin's mom makes clothes alterations but there is a lot of change in their life right now. 

Kevin's grandmother moves in after mom's divorce and they all try to move on from the break. The older sister used to be Kevin's friend and they used to have fun but the pressure of College approaching, dad leaving and ending contact with them, plus sharing her room with her younger brother makes their relationship harder. Their mom is trying to keep their business floating and there is so much they don't know about her as a child or teen. 

At school things aren't easy as well, the mom thinks it's best not to draw attention, but Kevin ends up getting all the attention (but not in a good way).

Kids dealing with racism, prejudice, parents breaking up, loving, different generations, accepting, and owning their culture. Kevin was born in America and he is developing a personality with likes and dislikes of his own, not the racist stereotype associated with looking Asian. 

It has a great twist at the end with a fun school trip. 

I love Kevin's grandmother. She is awesome. Great lesson in being brave, standing for your beliefs, and dealing with. 

It's fun that we get some insight into Kevin's favorite comics and stories with some comic pages. 

Thank you to @unionsqandco for sending me a copy of the book and teaming up with me for a great giveaway! (On instagram @therearenobadbooks)

From the publisher:

For fans of Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese and Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward, this funny yet poignant middle-grade coming-of-age story highlights the struggle of feeling invisible while yearning to be seen by all. Fans of middle school graphic novels exploring identity and self-esteem will appreciate the poignant yet humorous journey of finding one's place in the world, and readers who are looking for Asian representation in books will connect with Kevin's story of racism, bullying, and the immigrant experience. With its mix of family relationships, friendships, and a thrilling amusement park climax, this inspiring read is perfect for fans of humorous middle grade fiction with diverse characters overcoming obstacles.

Find the book here.

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