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A Fantastic High Fantasy Series - Release Book II

My review

5 plus

This is one of my first 2024 reads and turned out to be one of my favorite fantasy series that is middle-grade but will please readers of all ages who love the coming-of-age story of a dragon meeting his rider, and not a portal fantasy. 

Plus, it's more than one POV and has a great creative take on how dragons are born, how the world deals with magic, and how to pick riders. The relationship between the rider and dragon, or the young girl searching for her runaway magic with the young soldier are both compelling and will keep you turning the page. This is how the series starts, but today we celebrate the release of BOOK TWO.

The second book continues this amazing story. Action & Adventure is my favorite of Fantasy structures and I'm devouring these two books with joy. I love Blue the most. 

Thank you for gifting me the second volume.

@randomhousekids, @mreyeswrites and @storygramtours 

? You're inside the book you're reading right now. What are you doing?

Me: Meeting Blue and helping him on his quest. 

Get it here.


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