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9 Personality Types poetry

From the Publisher:

"Through her poetry and personal essays, Enneagram expert Sarajane Case encourages her readers to embrace all nine personality types within themselves in The Enneagram Letters.

From the writer of the popular self-help book The Honest Enneagram comes a deeper dive into all nine types of the enneagram personality structure and what they can teach us about ourselves. With poetry and essays for each type, The Enneagram Letters teaches its readers to embrace the full range of the human experience. “When we live inside of the constraints of our enneagram type, we are settling for a life in a cocoon. Safe, purposeful, and limited.” Sarajane’s thoughtful insights and beautiful words inspire her readers to feel less alone and encouraged on their own journeys to personal expansion.

Divided into nine chapters that address the following feelings or fears for each Enneagram type:

Chapter 1: To the part of you that feels it must be perfect.

Chapter 2: To the part of you that fears being unlovable.

Chapter 3: To the part of you that feels you are only as worthy as your achievements.

Chapter 4: To the part of you that fears being average.

Chapter 5: To the part of you that fears depletion.

Chapter 6: To the part of you that fears letting others down.

Chapter 7: To the part of you that fears being trapped in painful emotions.

Chapter 8: To the part of you that feels it must be strong.

Chapter 9: To the part of you that feels it must be easy to get along with."

Find the book here.

Me: I thought I was type number one The Perfectionist I am type number four the romantic.

According to this book with poetry and insight on 9 different types of personalities the romantic. Here is a characteristic:

Basic Desire: Important to me to find an identity that expresses the truth of who I am and helps me find significance. 

True: I'm doing that with Instagram. Having fun taking creative photos where I am part of the world that I am reading. 

But I am the I am the Challenger too in this: 

Basic Fear: "Of being harmed or controlled by others" 

Swipe to see the quick cheat for each one. Which type do you identify with most? 


💚 Helper




🤎 Loyal Skeptic

🖤 Enthusiast

💗 Challenger

What type do you think you are? I will answer your comment with basic goal of your type to see if you agree. (comment below doesn't require log in)

Thank you @andrewsmcmeel for this free copy #bookstagram #booknerd #selfhekp #poertry

Image copyrighted to the publisher

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