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5 Tips to End a Reading Slump

📖Reading Slump?

5 Tips to get over it.

Add yours in the comment section.

1️⃣Go back to that that reminds you why you for me is rereading classics

2️⃣Go wild Read a new author or new Genre

3️⃣Change format, for me, is Audio + relaxing puzzles

4️⃣Something short: novellas, short stories, picture books, chapter books, poetry... Self-help notes with kind thoughts 1 per day...

5️⃣Take a break and do something books, review, organize shelves, do character art, cosplay

❓What about you?

The tarot deck is by @ladybookmad and I couldn't resist buying one for Christmas

This cozy deck comes with a wonderful booklet, with a page for each card: "Tidy up your life so you can make space for something better."


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