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Young Readers Graphic Novel

Release Day Nov 14th, 2023

Little Brown Young Readers

From the Publisher:

Perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly, this charming and hilarious take on classic fairy tales tackles the family chaos of bedtime.

Did you know that Jack was looking for hot dogs when he climbed up the beanstalk? Or that he was led there by a talking fox named Wendy?

Ok, maybe that’s not how the real story goes, but when Estella’s dad, Andrew, tells her bedtime stories, she’s always in for a bit of twist!

A hilarious modern retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, Daddy and the Beanstalk is a recipe for fun and adventure—with a hint of magic.

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My review:


A delightful way to introduce some valuable lessons with a little mischief and some retelling of a famous fairy tale. A dad tells his daughter a bedtime story that is supposed to be something true that happened to him as a kid. Using the story he educates her and us on great lessons such as it is ok to make mistakes because we learn from them, telling the truth, being considerate, not being a bully, and knowing how to apologize... It has a great ending and the kids will know what is the right thing to do.

The last pages have some knock-knock illustrated jokes that make it whimsical. Also, this book encourages kids to read.

Perfect for young readers with clean and vibrant artwork, the characters have amazing face expressions worth exploring and it's quite relatable. I love that she has no concept of time and asks her father if they had cars when he was young and she thinks he is much older now so he must be 14. Love the humor.

It would be great to have a series of these.

Thank you, Publisher and Netgalley for this E-Arc.

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