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Yay It's Here!

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Get your copy here. (Amazon Link)

Yeah, my author copies arrived for readers who...

👉Love language and to learn funny cultural facts 

👉Enjoy humor, anime style 

👉Enjoy comics, manga style 

👉All ages, 100 proverbs & Idioms 

👉English vs Portuguese: For example, it'd raining cats and dogs, in Portugal, we say Raining clay pots 

👉Enjoy supporting an indie author and artist. 

Written and illustrated by me.

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available on Amazon

👉️Do you have a favorite proverb that speaks to you? While researching for the past two years, I learned a few I didn't know. They tend to be negative, but I drew them in a fun/humorous way to make them all fun. 

One of my favorites is: If the world flooded, it wouldn't matter to the Duck - from country: Turkey 

👉Sometimes the proverbs, idioms, or sayings in English are completely different from the Portuguese version but have the same meaning—about 100 pages of humor, inspired by our lives. Spot the differences in this collection.

Some differences are influenced by culture and people or even a country's history.

(Many are funnier in the Brazilian Portuguese and UK English versions so I picked those to represent the origin of the proverb.) To all language lovers.

Get your copy here.

Thank you in advance for your reviews, anonymous or not.

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