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Wonderful Historical Fiction

My Review:

5 plus plus

I bought this book for my birthday. Loved it.

I was drawn to this book because of the cover. A fantastic historical fiction for young readers that will delight adults who love books like Anne of Geen Gables.

Wonderful coming-of-age story of a young girl who has been a candle maker beside her Papa in a town near Cambridge for a long time. She loves the hard stinky work but her father has other plans. Her life changes suddenly when her father welcomes a young boy as an apprentice to take her place. His intention is good but the lack of communication leads to a lot of events that may bring trouble to the whole family.

I loved the writing style, the theme, and learning that a lot more goes into candlemaking. Also, the last third of the book is amazing with so much happening and so many characters playing their part in the amazing market. 

This was my first time reading the works of this author, but I am convinced that I will love everything done already and what will come in the future. Looking forward to getting into another one soon.

Get a copy from your local store or Amazon or B&N.

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