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Week 6: Happy St. Valentine's Day Suggestion

I always dedicate February month to indie fantasy/romance authors.

Last year I read the fabulous trilogy Light of Aphelion by Martine Carlsson featuring characters LGTB+ characters.

This year I've spent a lovely Valentine's eve in the company of Ashley W. Slaughter's Of Legends and Roses.

My Review: 5 Stars

A first-person fantasy romance novel full of mystery, great politics, and smart strategy.

Queen Rosemary ascends to the throne after her parent's death. A year later, her advisers are focused on finding her a husband and Rose must suffer the visits of many suitors whom she declines... until Gryffin (from a neighbor kingdom) arrives.

Torn between the love for her childhood friend Zeke whom she can't marry, and the novelty of Prince Gryffin's presence, Rose must decide for the future of her people. But this choice is not what threatens her family and kingdom. War may be at their door soon.

Rose is a strong-born leader who doesn't ignore her emotions but has no doubt that her choices will have consequences on her people. I praise her sense of responsibility. We have access to her thoughts and dilemmas but also her strong and quick decisions.

All the chapters are very well written consistently in style and mood. Whether it's a fun scene between friends or kin, a council discussion, or a party, the author has us enthralled in a great storyline.

Also, the author is very careful to keep the readers well informed. We never lose track of who is who or what they do.

There is a lot of action that keeps us turning the pages. I'm very curious to read the next volumes, for this one ends with a lot of promises.

Also, Rose's sisters are very interesting. Can't wait to see what they or the Talented can add to the plot.

p.s - Hazel is a character who warms my heart.

It's an empowering series that I strongly recommend.

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