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Week 4: Read Bingo Card & Project Progress

Capital Ivoer, from Whisperers and Keepers.

I worked too hard this week and ended up with back pain. It's punishment for all the "he glanced over his shoulder" that I tend to write. We writers always have one word or expression that we use and abuse. (What's yours?)

This muscle pain is my fault, I have horrible posture when I'm writing on my laptop and find myself too caught up in the story.

I'm very focused on Whisperers and Keepers for being such a huge and important project. I may prioritize it for the first months of 2022.

Now that I'm formatting the chapters in Indesign and hit 100 with 18chapters, I can see that the first volume will be about 500 pages.

Here's some fun for our readers. I can see how a few books from our catalog fill some categories below.

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