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Watership Down - Graphic Novel



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Fantastic work in adapting this classic into a graphic novel format keeping the mood and essence of the story without too much text or missing the highlights. It made me feel the same eeriness, grimness, and tension of the original story. Also sadness and excitement for the characters' journey in a fulfilling way. About 381 pages.

It is not a graphic novel that you binge in one hour, but a slow burn of a wonderful adventure filled with action, clairvoyance, villains, characters growing into heroes, courage, leadership, friendship, and allies cooperating for survival.

The artwork was well thought out, the colors well picked, and they change only to hint that a flashback or a story is about to be told. The panels are well organized, there is never confusion on which panel to read next.

The characters are well-identified with marks, scars, different eye colors, or types of fur. Great balance between action and respite, pages with dialogue or silence. There are amazing landscape panels with wide open silence that are full of wind, smells, and sounds. The artist is great at relaying the five senses with the art.

I'm grateful for this adaptation that sometimes adds a bit more, a great companion to the original classic that will be on my Christmas and birthday lists to gift my family and friends.

It is described as for ages 10 and up, it shows blood and fights between the animals, but anything more gruesome is left off-camera. It is more about how it makes us fear for our favorite characters and keep turning the page for more. (Hazel team forever.)

It has a glossary at the end and helps us keep up with some terms.

Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for the opportunity to provide my honest opinion.

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